Therapist Answering Service

Expert virtual receptionists for mental health professionals

Success and scaling comes with new challenges. As your practice grows, you can no longer "wear all the hats" and keep up with all your clients. There's too many calls coming in for you to answer, and the backlog of voicemails keeps growing! Not to mention all the administrative work.

We can help move your business forward with our virtual receptionists tailored specifically for mental health providers! With a therapist answering service like Proffer, your patients that call in get to speak to an upbeat, positive live receptionist. They'll be happy to talk to a real person instead of a robot. Also, our receptionists are HIPAA-trained and our software is HIPAA-compliant, so we're covered on that front too. Talk to us today to see how your practice can benefit from a therapist virtual receptionist.

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